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Books and Articles from 21st century writers

Kenneth Cracknell and Susan White  
An Introduction to World Methodism
(Cambridge University Press 2005)  
There are 75 million Methodists in over 130 countries today. This is the first book to treat Methodism as a global religious tradition, examining its rich diversity as well as the core beliefs that all Methodists share. It also considers the contribution of Methodism to ecumenical and inter-religious relations.

Joy Fox  
Excellent Women, 1870-1970: The Female Role in Missionary Service
in Angels and Impudent Women   (Wesley Historical Society 2007)

Deborah Gaitskell  
Mediating Methodist Mission in the Twentieth Century: Black and White Women Leaders in South Africa's Transvaal in Angels and Impudent Women

Margaret Jones  
'The active duties . proper to her station': Women and Mission(s) in Wesleyan Methodism, 1813-1858 in Protestant Nonconformity and Christian Missions   (Paternoster 2014)

John Pritchard  
 - Women's Work: Mary Batchelor to Muriel Stennett in Angels and Impudent Women  
 - The 1857 Indian Rebellion and its Impact on the Wesleyan Mission
in Protestant Nonconformity and Christian Missions
 - Missions and Societies (Wesley Historical Society South-East Annual Lecture 2013)

Ian Welch
The Methodist Chinese Mission (Australia) 

John Young
Edwin W Smith (1876-1957): a precursor of the modern professional era in Bible translation (delivered to a conference on The Bible in African and Asian Christianity at Liverpool Hope University, July 2016)

Online resources

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Oral History

The oral history section at the British Library Sound Archive holds a collection of 110 taped interviews with missionaries telling their stories recorded 1994-2009, entitled the Methodist Church Oral Archive

Search the British Library Sound and Moving Image catalogue for collection reference C640 and use Contact Us to make a listening appointment. Search the list of missionaries whose interviews are recorded here.

Alongside the Methodist Church Oral Archive interviews, the British Library has a number of other collections which explore religious experience, see the overview of oral histories of religion and belief.



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