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Community archives allow you to share your stories, pictures and memorabilia without parting with original writing, books or photographs because it's all done online. The Methodist Church has a network of three linked community archive websites. If you are researching your family's history and come across interesting Methodist ancestors, please tell us all about them. Or maybe you need help to find a branch of your family tree: post your enquiry and let's see if the Methodist community can help.

For all things Methodist, from the first eighteenth-century meeting places to Methodist life in the present day, share your Methodist history at:

If your heritage is particularly rooted in the nineteenth-century Primitive Methodist tradition, then visit:

If your heritage is with the Wesleyan Church of the 1790s to 1932, then visit:

If you heritage is with the Bible Christians, a nineteenth-century British Methodist movement (1815-1907), then visit:

This network of websites is supported by the Methodist Church and managed by volunteer editors. To submit material you will be asked to register an email address. This is so that our editors can communicate with you in the unlikely case of a problem with your submission, or to share information of direct relevance to users of the community archives. It will not be used for wider Methodist Church communication or passed on to any third party. Further information on copyright and privacy is available on each community archive website. For more information, email:


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