Online books: Missionary Work

1: Wesleyan Methodism and general

Findlay, G. and Holdsworth, W.W. The History of the Wesleyan Methodist Missionary Society . London: Epworth Press, 1921-1924
Vol. 1
Vol. 2
Vol. 3
Vol 4.

Hurst, John Fletcher. The History of Methodism ... World wide Methodism.
New York: Eaton & Mains, 1904

Moister, William. Heralds of Salvation; Being Brief Memorial Sketches of Wesleyan Missionaries who have Died in the Work since the Commencement of the Enterprise.
London: Wesleyan Conference Office, 1878, [8], 316pp.

Report of the schools on the stations occupied by the Wesleyan-Methodist Missionary Society, 1837
London: WMMS, 1837, 75pp

Wesleyan Juvenile offering 1846-1878 v3-23, ns 1-12,

Wesleyan Missionary notices 1847, 1849-1884

Wesleyan Missionary Society. Proceedings of the annual meeting of the Society


2: Primitive Methodism

None currently available


3: Methodist New Connexion

None currently available


4: Bible Christians

None currently available


5: Wesleyan Methodist Association

None currently available


6: United Methodist Free Churches

Kirsop, Joseph . Life of Robert Moss Ormerod, Missionary to East Africa.
London: Andrew Crombie, 1901, viii,144pp. 


7: United Methodist Church

None currently available


8: Other Movements

None currently available


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