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There has been an explosion of electronic books in the past few years, along with means to read them. As most works published before 1900 are now out of copyright, and therefore cost publishers nothing to reproduce, many have been reprinted. This includes many books about the early days of Methodism.

There have been a number of projects to make older material available for free on the internet, and this guide concentrates on these.

Duke University have made available a number of texts relating to
the Wesley brothers

Southern Methodist University have digitised their collection of letters relating to the early Methodists

John Wesley

Charles Wesley

Cooke and Clarke families

Emory University, Pitts Theology Library have digitised a collection of engravings of 612 Wesleyan Methodist ministers

A number of periodicals important in Methodist studies have had their back issues digitised.

Methodist History 1962-2013

Proceedings of the Wesley Historical Society 1897-2008 (v 1-56)

Bathafarn the Journal of the Historical Society of the Methodist Church in Wales 1946-2003 (v 1-32)

The following pages list important texts covering the history and organisation of all the British Methodist connexions, as well as collective biographies, list of ministers, periodicals produced by the connexions. There are also hymn books, and a section covering the missionary activities of British Methodism.

Whilst Wesleyan Methodism is well covered, there is currently far less material covering the other strands of the Movement.

All the items listed are free to view.


Handbooks and Manuals of Polity

Collective Biographies

Lists of Ministers and their Circuits

Lists of Circuits and their Ministers

Lists of Chapels and Preaching Places

Minutes of Conference


Hymn Books

Missionary Work


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