From early preachers and class leaders in Sunday schools to lay preachers, deaconesses and presbyters, women’s participation and contribution to Methodism should not be forgotten.

Find below some long reads marking the 50th anniversary of the ordination of women as presbyters & about the extraordinary history of the Methodist Diaconal Order.

Still wanting to learn more? Visit the Methodist Women in Britain pages or read some of the stories of Methodist Women on the My Primitive Methodists community archive website.

The President and Vice-President of the Conference 2023/2024

Women ordained as presbyters

2024 marks the 50th anniversary of the first women to be ordained as presbyters in the Methodist Church in Britain. Find out more about the journey to ordination and the experiences of those women.


Methodist Diaconal Order

Once the Wesley Deaconess Order - these pioneering women lay the foundations for the role of women in the church today.


Methodist Women in Britain

Founded in the 1850s, with the original aim of training and equipping women missionaries, Methodist Women in Britain offers resources by and for women with special focus on Mission Partners. The charity organises lectures, events, pilgrimage opportunities, fundraisers and more. All summed up by their mission statement: 'For women, for justice, for Christ.'

My Primitive Methodists - Women

The community archive sites (Primitive, Wesleyan, United & Oxford Methodists) hold a wealth of information and stories about women preachers, ordained and lay. Can you contribute to this archive?

Dictionary of Methodism in Britain and Ireland

To learn more about women in Methodism, the Dictionary of Methodism in Britain and Ireland (DMBI) is a great first step with links to relevant pages and suggestions for further readings.

The Connexional Archive

The Connexional Archive at the John Rylands Library Manchester has a section on women that can be found linked below.