Llanlleonfel Parish Church (Church of Wales)

Powys (Mid Wales), Wales


Priest : The Reverend B J Pyke - BarryPyke@cinw.org.uk



Opening Times

Open daily with services : 1st Sunday in month (11:15) Morning Prayer.
3rd Sunday in month (11.15) Holy Eucharist

Soar chapel, Tre'r-ddol, Ceredigion
Photo credit: Jeremy Bolwell

Church where Charles Wesley married Sarah Gwynne of nearby Garth House (now privately owned) on 8 April 1749 in "a sombre affair with much prayer and hymn-singing" conducted by Charles' brother, John Wesley. There is a plaque to commemorate the marriage.

Built on an ancient sacred site (with late Roman burial stone, 6th–7th century), by 1873 it was described in Kilvert's Diary: "the ruined church tottered lone upon a hill in desolate silence." Rebuilt in 1876 due to its Wesley associations.

More photographs of the chapel can be seen here :