Acresford Methodist Church

Acresford, Leicestershire


Minister: Revd Rachel Moss

01283 214080



Also nearby

St Michael's Church, Stretton-en-le-Field, and Moira Furnace Museum & Country Park.


Acresford is situated in a hamlet on the Derbyshire/Leicestershire border. The unique chapel and schoolroom are in row of terraced cottages which were once the maltings and storage area for the brewery opposite.

In 1909 the brewery, now disused, together with the outbuildings were acquired by a Methodist local preacher, William Gervase Cooper, who turned the brewery into a mill and converted the maltings and storage area into houses for his workers leaving spaces for a chapel and schoolroom.

In 1910, the chapel, called God’s House, opened. It was non- denominational in nature although run on Wesleyan lines. In 1931 it was acquired by Wesleyan Trustees.

Acresford ceased to worship in the building on 25th June 2023.