Billy Bray's 'Three Eyes' Kerley Downs Chapel, Baldhu

South-West England & Channel Islands

Opening Times

Approximately 10.00am until 5.30pm, daily May until mid October.


Grade II listed
Toilets available
Also nearby

Billy Bray's memorial and grave can be found in the churchyard to the south end of Baldhu Anglican church (now closed and converted into residential accommodation). Access permitted until 4pm. Gwennap Pit 4 miles away.


Parking available

Billy Bray chapel Baldhu
By Sheila Russell, CC BY-SA 2.0
Billy bray chapel 1
Billy bray chapel 3
Billy bray chapel 4
Billy bray chapel 5

Sole remaining example of three chapels established by Billy Bray (1794–1868); a Cornish tin miner and for 43 years a renowned local preacher in the ‘Bible Christian’ Methodist denomination. The chapel had three prominent ‘eyes’ or windows when it was erected in 1836.

Now maintained as a memorial to Billy Bray, with several services held throughout the year (see website for details). The chapel contains pictures, information and memorabilia of The King’s Son (Bray’s ‘title’ adopted for FW Bourne’s biography, first published in 1871).