John Wesley Memorial, Devauden

Devauden (South Wales), Wales


Also nearby

Tintern Abbey, water mill and iron works (5 miles/8km); Harold’s Stones, Trellech – three large stone monoliths (5 miles/8km); Chepstow – with the start of Offa’s Dyke, castle and history (6 miles/10km).

john_wesley devauden
Wesley devauden

This is the site of John Wesley’s first sermon in Wales, which was marked in October 2013 with a bust of Wesley and an interpretation panel. Wesley preached on Devauden village green on 15 October 1739 after being refused entry into the local church. In his own words:

"Upon a pressing invitation, some time since received, I set out for Wales. About four in the afternoon I preached on a little green at the foot of the Devauden (a high hill, two or three miles beyond Chepstow) to three or four hundred plain people on 'Christ our wisdom, righteousness, sanctification, and redemption'."