Romany's Vardo
Revd G Bramwell Evens known as 'Romany' with his dog Raq.

Naturalist, writer and 1930s BBC broadcaster 'Romany' was a Methodist minister, The Revd G Bramwell Evens (1884-1943). He served in the Carlisle Wesleyan Circuit 1914-1926, and was instrumental in the building of Carlisle Central Hall.

He sought peace and inspiration in the local countryside, and bought and renovated a gypsy 'vardo' (see Romany's Caravan). He became friends with the Potter family of Old Parks Farm, and was invited to preach at Glassonby Chapel, near Penrith (where a commemorative plaque was unveiled in 2003). He later ministered in Yorkshire and broadcast as 'Romany' for the last 12 years of his life.

He died suddenly in Wilmslow, but his ashes were scattered and a memorial birdbath erected at Old Parks: "He loved birds and trees and flowers and the wind on the heath".

Carlisle Central Hall Fisher Street, CA3 8RN [ NY399561] (1922, Grade II) - closed
Glassonby Chapel near Penrith, CA10 1DS [ NY576389 ] - closed
Grave at Old Parks Farm Glassonby, near Penrith CA10 1DY [ NY574400] - please respect the privacy of the farm