St George's Fields & Ann Carr's grave

Leeds, West Yorkshire

The chapel and six groups of original monuments still remain within this former cemetery in Woodhouse, Leeds. One group includes the grave of pioneering Primitive Methodist female preacher, Ann Carr (1783–1841).

Ann subsequently led (as 'Presidentress') the secessionist Female Revivalists Friendly Sick Society. 'Ann Carr's Chapel' in Leyland opened in 1825 and was noted for its social work.

St George's Fields are now within the campus of the University of Leeds, and landscaped for recreation, picnics and sports.

The grave marker of Ann Carr reads :

In memory of Ann Carr,

Foundress of the sect of female revivalists, and for 23 years one of its most devoted preachers. Her naturally strong intellect and ardent spirit were early sanctified by the grace, and consecrated to the glory of God, and she became by her holy zeal and untired efforts, an instrument of extensively making known the gospel of Jesus Christ.

She died January 18th 1841, aged 57 years.

"I know thy works and thy labor and thy patience and hast not fainted." This tablet is erected in grateful remembrance of her worth and labours by the members of the female revivalists friendly sick society of which she was presidentess.