West Lane Methodist Church Haworth

Haworth, West Yorkshire

West Lane Haworth
West Lane Haworth

Society founded at Haworth in 1744/45, and encouraged by the evangelical Anglican Haworth parish curate, the Revd William Grimshaw. Grimshaw was effectively, the first Methodist superintendent minister of the vast 'Great Haworth Round' circuit.

He encouraged the Methodists to meet as a society of the Church of England in his kitchen, and had the first Haworth preaching house built in 1758. Inscribed stones and the window only remain from that building, and are incorporated in the current chapel/community centre, which was a Wesleyan day school in the nineteenth century.

Grimshaw presided at the first circuit meeting at Todmorden. Haworth Parsonage is famous for its connections to the literary Brontës, but Methodism played a role in their upbringing and writing.

West Lane Methodist Church Haworth is now a private residence and can be viewed from the street.