Salisbury Methodist Church

Salisbury, Wiltshire

Opening Times

Daily 10am–12pm. Groups by request.

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John Wesley first visited Salisbury in February 1738 to see his mother. She was living with one of his seven sisters, who had married Westley Hall, an Anglican curate at Fisherton Anger.  Wesley visited Salisbury over 40 times.  The first society of Methodists was founded in 1750; the first chapel built on the present site in 1759, with Wesley one of the signatories of the deeds.  This was replaced in 1810, and later remodelled; refurbished 1992.

Francis Asbury (born near Birmingham, see Bishop Asbury Cottage) was superintendent minister here before responding to John Wesley's request for ministers for America in 1771, where he became leader of the American Methodists.

He was ordained in Baltimore at the 1784 "Christmas" Conference by the Revd Dr Thomas Coke (see Coke Memorial Methodist Church) to be joint superintendent, adopting the title, "Bishop". 

On display: the Creation Embroidery (see: www.salisburymethodist.org.uk/creation.htm.  
Original modern watercolours relating to Asbury may be viewed by prior request.