What are Church Objects?

Our church objects are the moveable 'stuff' of churches, ceramics, fonts, banners and very many more...

Do you have something that tells the history of your church or an object that is symbolic of your heritage? It could be a trowel from 1908 or a cake stand from 2008 - if it tells the story of your church we would love to hear about your amazing examples and feature them here. Contact us via the button below.

Guidance documents

wesley bone

Adding to your collection of objects

Questions to think about before you say 'yes' to a new object acquisition, and how to say 'no' to an object you don't want and can't look after and/or use for mission.

Prim plate example

Caring for your objects

Advice on ensuring you know what you have through making an inventory and how to keep any historic artefacts safe through careful handling, conservation etc.


Assessing significance & next steps

Advice to help you determine the 'value' of objects and a tool to help you decide on the importance of an historic object to the Methodist Church locally or Connexionally.

Love feast cup

Disposing of objects

The overriding principle for keeping things is that they have use in mission, or may have in the future, so what should be the process for getting rid of anything you do not want? Key steps to take in getting rid of things.


Features in Listed Buildings

Please be aware that you should seek additional guidance from the Connexional Conservation Office in any case involving a listed building, and particular care is needed where the building retains many original features and or a near complete period interior.