Commemorate, Celebrate and Rejoice

The story of your church is special, it tells the story of

Methodism, community and mission.

There are many ways to celebrate your heritage, whether you have an anniversary or special event coming up or not - here you will find some inspiration to mark the occasion.


Exhibitions and displays

Using objects and information panels to share the history of your church and community.

Wimbotsham MC

Hosting an event

Are you looking to host an event? Fundraise or welcome people in. Here are some examples.


Publishing a book

Can you publish a book? Collation of images that tell a history of your church, it's people and mission. See some examples of how it was done.


Fellowship Groups & Language Diverse Congregations

These groups are connecting with their heritage whether it's style of worship, clothing and textiles, music and more.

peak wesley way

Pilgrimage routes

Create a pilgrimage route of significant sites in your area for reflection.

Earlsdon MC mural

Commissioning artwork

Gather inspiration from new artwork commissioned around the connexion.


A commemorative service

Mark an occasion with a special service


Websites & tours

Share your story online and invite visitors for tours