Below are some examples of congregations who have are connecting with their heritage and culture to open doors to churches and bring communities together in worship.


Ghanaian Methodist Fellowship Group (Nationwide)

One of the ways the GMF celebrated 20 years was to design their own fabric telling the story of Ghanaian Methodists in the UK. The fabric has been used to create traditional wear garments. This is just one example of how the GMF share and celebrate their heritage.

Kings Cross Methodist Church

Since 1975 Kings Cross Methodist Church has delivered services in Cantonese. Chinese ministries were established by Revd Wong, a dedicated missionary sent from Hong Kong, with a focus on Chinese students.

Today, on Sundays there are three different services in three different languages: Cantonese, Mandarin and English.

As well as providing multiple language services, Kings Cross Methodist Church also host events for occasions such as Lunar New Year to share in food, fun and fellowship. A restaurant fellowship group regularly meet for Bible study.