War Memorials

War memorials are many and varied in Methodist churches around the connexion below are some helpful links providing more information about how to care for and record a war memorial.

Historic England

Historic England have produced a host of useful videos about the conservation of war memorials on the Historic England YouTube channel linked here.

War Memorials Trust

The charity provides free advice to anyone as well as running grant schemes to support repair and conservation projects. You can find a range of resources on their website linked here.

Imperial War Museum: War Memorials Register

IWM's War Memorials Register is a comprehensive national database of UK war memorials and the names of the individuals they commemorate. Anybody can submit an entry for the register.

If your church is closing and you have been asked to record your war memorial then you can do so on the War Memorials Register linked here.

There are over 3,400 entries under when searching 'Methodist' - click here to browse some of the war memorials recorded by Methodist churches.

If you have a query regarding war memorials please contact the Connexional Conservation Officer at conservation@methodistchurch.org.uk

Listed Buildings

The property pages of the Methodist Church in Britain website contain lots of useful information regarding the care of listed buildings.

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